We are pleased to announce ...

    We are pleased to announce that Covax Design was selected to receive the 2017 Stanford White Awards in the category of Craftsmanship and Artisanship, among many worthy peers.

The Sixth Annual Stanford White Awards for Excellence in Classical and New Traditional Design recognize achievement in individual projects in architecture, interiors, landscape, urbanism, and building craftsmanship & artisanship. The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art awards program is named in honor of Stanford White (1853-1906), of the distinguished New York firm McKim, Mead & White, whose legacy of design excellence and creativity in architecture and the related arts continues to serve as a source of inspiration and delight.

It is an honor and privilege to accept this prestigious award for our work for the Yale University, Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray Colleges Primary Gates. This recognition underscores the hard work of our team members, whose core value reflects the respect for craftsmanship, and the justified belief of the importance of traditional metalworking knowledge preservation that was handed over from generations to generation.

Kudos to our team, to the master blacksmiths Szabolcs Nemeth and Gabor Szombathy. Thank you for the opportunity to live the dream of a blacksmith and metalworker by creating ironworks for centuries.

Zoltan Kovacs

Samuel Yellin said in a speech to the Architectural Club of Chicago in 1926:

“I think that we should follow the lead of the past masters and seek our inspiration from their wonderful work. They saw the poetry and rhythm of iron. Out of it they made masterpieces not for a day or an hour but for the ages.”

Samuel Yellin